ICP: Journeying toward Furthering Fair Housing in 2021 (end-of-year donation campaign)

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Journeying toward Furthering Fair Housing in 2021

It’s been a hard year. There is no doubt about it. Although a vaccine has been released and many believe health related improvements for our country are around the corner, the outlook for low income housing does not appear to be improving anytime soon. Moreover, the level of discrimination and exclusion from well-resourced historically off-limits areas of the Dallas Metroplex, as experienced by our voucher clients and other low income residents, remains ever present. This summer’s tweet by the forty-fifth President of the United States, which promised exclusion of low income housing from suburbia, was not only reprehensible but reflective of too many existing state and local policies and practices in our region.

I invite you to listen to the experience of one of our housing choice voucher clients, Ms. Nero, as she describes desires for her family and barriers she faced while searching for housing with her voucher. Then view our 2020 North Texas voucher discrimination findings. Read about one of ICP’s Voices for Opportunity Advocacy Training participants, Ms. Garcia, as she talks about how her home has been encroached upon by toxic industry as a result of discriminatory zoning in the City of Dallas. And, if you have not seen The Inclusive Communities Project: the First Fifteen Years video short, please take a look and share our work with your family members and friends. A deeper dive into the first fifteen years of our work is available on the opening page of our website.

With the help of the Bridgespan Group these past few months, we have been engaging in reflection while considering a revised theory of change that will help us tackle today’s barriers to fair housing in even more effective ways. Stay tuned as we roll out some of our new strategies in 2021.

Your support and contribution as we embark on this journey toward a more equitable Dallas region would be a welcomed addition. Simply visit https://tinyurl.com/givetoicp. No donation is too small. Spreading the word about our advocacy efforts as they occur remains important to us as well. Follow us on Twitter @ICPDallas and on Facebook under “Inclusive Communities Project” to stay plugged-in.

In the meantime, stay safe. We’ll “see” you next year!

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