Since ICP’s inception in 2005, the Dallas Metroplex has become more diverse with high growth in Dallas’ neighboring counties. As a result, ICP families have moved to less segregated parts of the City of Dallas and the high-growth, well-resourced urban centers in Collin, Denton, and Rockwall Counties. While these urban centers have been the choice of most ICP families, other families opt for the more rural communities — reflecting the fact that voucher families, like other families, have a wide range of housing preferences. However, the universal desire is to have a safe, healthy, and welcoming place to raise children who can thrive in high-performing schools amidst well-resourced communities.

Collin County, in particular, hosts some of the fastest-growing municipalities. As employment hubs, these cities and towns attract high-tech industries and an ethnically diverse, highly educated workforce from various parts of the country. Vast residential communities have developed to house these new residents. As many employers and suburban planners have recognized, even these “boomburbs” are dependent on a diverse workforce to fill a range of jobs, including those paying lower wages. However, due to long-standing discriminatory and exclusionary housing policies, these communities are too often devoid of housing affordable for lower-wage workers.

Based on ICP’s assessment of the Dallas region, ICP will continue assisting with voucher holders’ housing searches and begin mobilizing support to overcome barriers to affordable housing in Collin County to support low-income renters. This work will run parallel to the emerging voices within the county that are already speaking out against racial inequities. Residents of Collin County, including ICP clients, are interested in ensuring these growing communities are seen as inclusive and welcoming to people regardless of race, ethnicity, religious preference, or income. ICP’s work in the field of fair housing and neighborhood equity puts it in a unique position to further the cause of inclusion while working with allies who adopt this principle. The time is now for voices for opportunity and fair housing to be identified, mobilized, and heard. ICP looks forward to continuing its work of combating residential segregation, racial injustices, and neighborhood inequities.