Voices for Opportunity

ICP’s Voices for Opportunity is an advocacy program that provides training on fair housing, land use, zoning and civic engagement. The advocacy training is a resource for residents and those who support them as they seek neighborhood equity and fair housing options. Training is available in English and Spanish.

Workshops and Training

Are you interested in helping create opportunities for low income people to access affordable housing in high opportunity areas? Do you want to eliminate the close proximity of heavy industry next to people’s homes? These are some examples of how this training might be helpful to advance your cause.

The program includes:

  • Zoning 101 workshops
  • Technical assistance when participating in public hearings
  • Tips to build awareness around an issue

If you are interested in learning more about this training, reach out to Jennifer Rangel, ICP’s Planning and Community Outreach Director at jrangel@inclusivecommunities.net or dial (214) 939-9239.

Donations to ICP help support this initiative for inclusive communities.

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