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Where we live matters. Our address determines whether we have easy access to fresh food, clean air, and recreational facilities. It determines whether our children will have access to quality education, and there is also compelling research that suggests our zip code is the single most significant predictor of our life expectancy. In short, where we live influences our ability to realize the American dream.

Since 2005, ICP has helped low-income families achieve economic success by addressing the barriers to affordable housing in high opportunity areas that offer a clear path to good schools, safe neighborhoods, gainful employment, and healthy living environments.

ICP provides direct services to families with Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers and supports this effort through housing initiatives that expand housing and advocacy activities that promote and support the Fair Housing Act.

ICP is a 501(c)(3) corporation, and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. The office is located at 3301 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas 75226. Inquiries about the organization should be addressed to info@inclusivecommunities.net.

Our Mission

The Inclusive Communities Project (ICP) is a nonprofit organization that works to create and maintain thriving racially and economically inclusive communities, expand fair and affordable housing opportunities for low-income families, and redress policies and practices that perpetuate the harmful effects of discrimination and segregation.

Our Vision

ICP envisions an America where equality is created and sustained in community through access to good schools, affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, and economic opportunity. ICP wants to be a resource to those who share that vision by providing information about where those opportunities exist in the North Texas area, where they don’t, and why. We will work with individuals and families seeking to secure the benefits of such communities, unfettered by discrimination and prejudice. And we will advocate and promote policies and practices that are consistent with this mission of inclusiveness, fairness, community, and opportunity. 

Our Equity Statement

At the Inclusive Communities Project, racial equity, diversity, and inclusion are core principles that inform and direct ICP’s mission of creating and maintaining inclusive communities that welcome people across racial, ethnic, and economic lines. ICP is fully committed to inclusion, and our commitment is reflected in every area of our work and workforce.

Since its inception, ICP has focused its work on addressing bigotry and bias in institutions, systems, and processes and sought redress for policies and practices that perpetuated the harmful effect of discrimination and segregation. At ICP, racial equity is not a program or initiative. Instead, it is an inextricable part of our vision and mission. As the nation moves forward in the era of racial reckoning, ICP will continue the difficult but necessary conversations about race and challenge the racism that underpins housing policies in this country.

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