Mobility Assistance Program

ICP’s Mobility Assistance Program (MAP) is a housing program that assists low-income families with Section 8 vouchers in locating housing in high opportunity areas of Collin County. MAP is committed to providing the families who want to move to Collin County with mobility counseling services designed to help them access high-performing schools, safe neighborhoods, employment, and environmentally healthy communities.

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Housing Search Assistance

Are you a Section 8 Housing Voucher holder interested in moving to a high opportunity area in Collin County? Would you like to learn more about the affordable housing options that Collin County offers? If so, please click this link and complete the form.

By signing up for ICP’s Mobility Assistance Program, you will have access to housing mobility counseling and housing search assistance in low poverty, high opportunity areas of Collin County.

Call us at (214) 658-1330 if you’re planning to move to Collin County and are seeking assistance. Para ayuda en Espanol por favor contacta (214) 743-4602. Hearing Impaired? Use the relay option of your choice.

Voucher Holders: Generally, it is not against Texas or local law for a private landlord to refuse to participate in the Section 8 program or rent to someone because they have a Section 8 Housing Voucher. However, landlords with affordable housing developed using the Low Income Housing Tax Credits are prohibited by federal law from discriminating against applicants because they have a Section 8 voucher. Click on the list below to find a list of the properties available in your area:

Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs Property Inventory List:
This link takes you to a massive Excel sheet that will drop onto your phone the moment you click it. I will send you the list to include. It will list the housing in DFW]

Financial Assistance

ICP no longer provides security deposit and application fee assistance for voucher holders. For information on organizations in your area that provide financial assistance, you may visit or call 2-1-1.

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