Online guide for advocates to evaluate HUD regular and small area fair market rents

Two SAFMR instructional guides are now available on the Daniel & Beshara, PC website at:

 One guide is for those who want to understand the difference SAFMRs can make in a specific area that does not use SAFMRs. This guide uses the Cleveland HUD FMR Area data as the example. The guide evaluates the percent of units made available by the area wide FMR for each Zip Code.

 The second guide is for those who want to know how to get better SAFMRs once HUD approves an area for SAFMR use. This guide shows how to use the HUD Guidance that Inclusive Communities Project obtained in its litigation against HUD to obtain adequate SAFMRs. This guide uses the Los Angeles Long Beach HUD SAFMRs as the example.

 Each guide consists of step by step instructions and the EXCEL spreadsheet templates that can be used for any area with the HUD provided Census data. The processes are complex and do not have shortcuts. The instructions are meant to guide the user through each step. There are a lot of steps but that is an attribute of the HUD process for determining SAFMRs and assessing the effectiveness of specific SAFMRs.