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The Inclusive Communities Project (ICP) resource page is for individuals and organizations seeking information about racial and economic segregation and its relationship to housing opportunities. Through its research and compilation of information and data from various sources, ICP can help the student, advocate, and policymaker understand how the issues of race discrimination, housing, education, health, and economic opportunity are related.

Below are links to selected websites, articles, and other organizational sites that deal with the issues of housing, race, and opportunity.

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Renter Resources

For general assistance – Dial 211 or

For information on how to apply for Section 8 Vouchers in the DFW area: 

For information on High Opportunity Areas: Opportunity Moves   

For information on available rental properties: 

Research and Data

To help you understand your community and the trends in your region, state, or the United States in general.

Civil Rights/Fair Housing Advocacy Organizations



Other Advocacy Related Organizations

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